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evelyn and michaelEvelyn Mikulin, Owner of Marriage Of True Minds

Lead Wedding Coordinator & Consultant
Evelyn’s credo for wedding planning can be summed up in the words of Shakespeare’s famous sonnet to which she owes her company’s namesake Let me not to the marriage of true minds/admit impediments. Indeed, planning a wedding can be a difficult task at times, riddled with unforeseen obstacles and complications, but Evelyn is a true romantic who believes that love will always find a way.  She is dedicated to giving her clients the best possible wedding that they can have — a day and an experience that will be a joy forever. Evelyn chose a compass as her company’s logo because “as a wedding planner, I see myself as a guide helping the couple navigate through the numerous choices that will confront them while planning their special day, and making sure that they reach their goal of being united together forever.” Evelyn’s love of wedding planning began during her university years where she often participated in planning weddings informally for her friends as a bridesmaid and trusted confidant.  Eventually, Evelyn immigrated to Canada and did meet the man of her dreams.  Her passion for wedding planning was re-ignited planning her own destination wedding in Manila & Dubai.  In 2010, Evelyn attended the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada at University of British Columbia, became a certified wedding planner, and promptly established Marriage Of True Minds Wedding & Event Specialists.  The WPIC is Canada’s only organization devoted to wedding professionals that is recognized by the Government of Canada, and the only one to offer a certificate program. All WPIC graduates are trained to be experts in the aspects of wedding coordination, including etiquette, budget, time management, and vendor negotiations.  Clients of Evelyn can rest assured that they will be taken care of as if their best friend were helping them to organize the wedding, but with an important distinction:  this best friend will ensure that everything is on time, on budget, and of the highest quality. Evelyn takes great pains to source out the best venues, videographers, transportation, and hair/make-up artists, as well as those little details that will add to your celebration, such as the perfect party favor. In addition to her WPIC certified status, Evelyn is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Her work experience includes several years in the Quality Assurance field of several high profile technology companies in Asia, where she held management level positions and was responsible for large project management. After working in the corporate environment, Evelyn takes great delight and personal fulfillment in sharing in the unique love stories of each of her clients and helping them achieve their perfect wedding day celebrations.  She strives to facilitate the perfect “marriage of true minds” between herself and her clients, so that your vision will become reality.

Michael Mikulin, Co-Founder of Marriage Of True Minds
>Master Of Ceremonies & Musician
Michael’s entry into the wedding industry and event planning began as a wedding musician. As a singer, pianist, organist and guitarist, Michael is a one-man-band who is versatile and accomplished, and in demand throughout the lower mainland for wedding music.  As Michael explains, “Music is an extremely important but often underrated part of the wedding ceremony.  Good ceremonial music can ease awkward pauses and transitions in the ceremony, put your guests in a festive mood, ad majesty and emotion to the ritual, communicate the vibe and theme of your wedding to your guests, and most importantly–stall for time if your bride is late!”

Michael honed his event planning skills as a music teacher in the public school system, orchestrating numerous concerts and organizing touring groups for festivals.  His choirs and bands have participated in Vancouver’s Kiwanis Music Festival,  the Nelson Music Festival, Banff Rocky Mountain Music Festival, and Disneyland Magic Music Days.  He has been music director for a production of “Peter Pan” which featured a cast of 60, and was an assistant conductor for Richmond’s Olympic Choir which performed at the opening of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  Says Michael “I’m used to marshaling large groups of people and equipment, and trying to anticipate every eventuality.  A wedding is very similar to a musical performance… there are technical, performance and dramatic/artistic considerations that need to happen if a wedding is going to be perceived positively by your guests.”

Michael is also a gifted composer, having two published choral compositions to his credit.  Michael is a graduate of UBC with a Bachelor’s in Music (Major in Voice) and a Master of Arts in English. To sample some of Michael’ssinging and music, check out his website:

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