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Why Choose Us

Marriage Of True Minds provides services that cover every aspect of wedding planning, and will save you both time and money while simultaneously easing your stress level! Our services include transportation, decor, catering, photography/videography, venues, venues, music, and even travel arrangements. We can help guide you through important and sometimes overwhelming decisions such as the location/venue, stationary/invitations, menu, overall color scheme, and choice of music, not to mention the source of more bride and groom disagreements than any other element: the guest list!

Below are a few reasons to choose us over any other wedding planner, which we’ve conveniently tied in with some sage words from Shakespeare, a man who knew a thing or two about love and marriage…

THOSE FRIENDS THOU HAST, GRAPPLE THEM TO THY SOUL WITH HOOPS OF STEEL… We’ll be your friend and confidante throughout the process… ensuring that you have someone to vent to about any areas of concern. More importantly, we’ll advocate on your behalf and do a lot of the running around and research, to alleviate that kind of unnecessary stress. We’ll make sure that we’re reachable.. via phone, text, and email, so you never have to worry that we are out of touch at a critical juncture in your planning process. We want to be with you every step of the way, because we understand what you are going through, and we know your number one concern is being able to count on us!

TO BE OR NOT TO BE… We’ll take the mindless parade of choices out of your hands and put concrete decision-making back into them. Think about how many choices are involved in just one aspect of wedding planning, such as photography/videography. Will you have an engagement pictorial? How many copies of DVD’s would you like? Will you have a highlights video, or do you want the full meal deal? Will you have a coffee table book souvenir? What about a canvass picture for your guests to sign? We’ll help you conceptualize your wedding, but we’ll also help you make those thousands of little decisions you’ll have to make along the way.

TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE...We’ll keep you on time and on budget. We’d like to help you plan a wedding that is uniquely you, not a carbon copy of someone else’s. We’ll help keep you on track when suppliers, friends, or well-meaning family members suggest add-on’s that may detract from your initial vision and add to your cost. We’ll give you detailed itineraries and remind you of your priorities when your schedule becomes overloaded or when friends suggest that you opt for such and such at your wedding because so-and-so had it. When shopping for suppliers, we can help you narrow down the options by giving you comparative detailed reports of what each has to offer. Best of all, we can offer you our own first-rate suppliers, thus eliminating the amount of research you have to do. Your wedding should be uniquely reflective of no one else but you!

THE SLINGS AND ARROWS OF OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE… We’re there to help you cope with the unexpected… that last minute guest you didn’t plan on inviting… the friend you enlisted to do music (against our advice) that doesn’t show… Weddings always contain some element you didn’t bargain on, but our job is to make sure nothing spoils your perfect day!

In addition to the above, we have a number of unique features exclusive to Marriage of True Minds:

  • All initial meetings are complimentary with absolutely no obligations or commitments
  • A professionally certified wedding planner with the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada, the only wedding planning school recognized by the Government of Canada.
  • Aggressive negotiating skills and special rates with a number of vendors and suppliers– huge discounts which we can pass on to you!
  • Choose for between a complimentary in-house ceremonial music services performed by professional musician or an emcee included in our service packages*
  • Exclusive access to some of the lower mainland’s spectacular but little-known wedding venues.

*This offer is included for the Body & Soul, You Complete Me , Once In A Lifetime and It Was Like Magic Packages