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Once In A Lifetime (Day of Wedding Coordination)

“This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime”
– Robert from The Bridges of Madison County

day of wedding coordination You’ve already booked your major venues, negotiated with your suppliers, and spent many a sleepless night making sure your wedding goes off as planned…  but there’s a little voice in the back of your mind’s eye that says “what if someone doesn’t come through, and all my hard work goes to waste?” You have friends who’ve helped you along the way, but many of them are just as emotionally invested as you and they are reaching the point of emotional fatigue.  Your wedding day is too important to simply roll the dice and hope things work out… that’s where our Once In A Lifetime Package comes in. We’ll be the voice of reason on your wedding day, making sure your suppliers are on time and on budget, informing your attendants of their responsibilities, and managing all those last-minute dilemmas that can derail an otherwise brilliantly planned wedding.  Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, your friends and family … make certain that it exceeds expectations! The Once In A Lifetime  Package  includes:

  • Scheduling 3 official meetings one month prior to wedding date
  • (These do not include consultations by emails and phone calls)
  • Organization and confirmation of all your supplier contracts
  • Management of last minute details and execution of all your wedding plans
  • Reviews of checklist of all requirements for the wedding day
  • Preparation of a wedding day schedule for the couple
  • Informing and directing attendants of their duties/responsibilities
  • Supervision and coordination of your wedding rehearsal
  • Supervision of the entire flow of the wedding, from ceremony to reception
  • Providing the client with a complete wedding day emergency kit
  • Providing personal assistance for the couple
  • Turn-over of  payments to suppliers (if requested by client)