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You Complete Me (Partial Coordination Package)

“You…complete me”
-Jerry from Jerry Maguire

Partial Wedding Package
You began with every intention of planning the whole affair yourself, but the myriad details, bookings, and suppliers have left you feeling overwhelmed and frazzled.  You want to be hands-on,but your busy schedule and the demands of work have left you feeling that you need another you just to take up the slack.  Although you have several friends who could potentially help, you don’t know anyone who’s organizational skills are really up to the task of planning such a monumental event, and you don’t want to impose on your friends to that degree.  This is where the “You Complete Me” package comes in… we’ll take over where you left off, and make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.  We’ll book your remaining suppliers and attend meetings with your major ones, review your existing contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and give you a wedding day itinerary to keep you on track.  You started on the journey to this dream… now we’ll help you complete it!

The  You  Complete Me package includes:

  • Periodic consultations and regular updates via phone & email prior to your wedding date
  • Scheduled monthly meetings with the couple
  • Planning and implementation of your wedding theme
  • Establishing and maintaining a working budget; Budget management and allocation
  • Sourcing out the remaining 50% of your suppliers based on your budget requirements and needs (client should have booked at least half of suppliers needed for the wedding)
  • Review of all contracts signed with your suppliers
  • Recommendation and assistance in the selection of the remaining suppliers
  • Booking your appointment with your chosen suppliers
  • Attending all meetings of your major suppliers
  • Negotiating and reviewing all contracts with wedding suppliers specifically before contract signing
  • Providing the couple with a monthly checklist and detailed time table for the entire planning period
  • Preparing and reviewing the wedding day schedule and checklist for all requirements wedding day
  • Informing and directing attendants of their duties/responsibilities
  • Assisting the couple in development of wedding invites and reception program
  • Confirmation of wedding suppliers 4-6 weeks before the wedding
  • Scheduling the delivery of services by all suppliers and ensuring all agreements are being implemented as stated in the contract
  • Supervision and coordination of your wedding rehearsal
  • Supervision of the entire flow of the wedding, from ceremony to reception
  • Providing the client with a complete wedding day emergency kit
  • Providing personal assistance for the couple
  • Turn-over of  payments to suppliers (if requested by client)